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4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.

May, 2014

Dear Educators and Volunteers,

Plan of Work/Timeline Discussion

On March 31st I sent everyone an email with two attached files. One file was a copy of a discussion paper about the 2015 Plan of Work Process, and the other was a copy of the 2015-2019 Federal Plan of Work. I know this is a busy time, and each of those documents was several pages long. So to respond to a few of the questions I have received, let me add these few thoughts to clarify what was in those two documents.

  • Nothing will change in 2014 until we get to the fall PAC meetings. At that time you will be looking specifically at what your county needs to support your priority 4-H programs in 2015.
  • The 2015-2019 Federal Plan must be submitted to NIFA (USDA), but it does not mean we are going to be doing a four or five year plan for Oklahoma. As far as I know we will continue to do annual timelines.
  • Educators, district program specialists and state 4-H staff will work together to create a future for positive youth development programs in a limited number of broad areas.
  • We have tentatively labeled the four program teams (initiative areas or whatever) Leadership and Citizenship; Healthy Lifestyles; Agricultural and Natural sciences; and Science and Technology.
  • The majority of a 4-H educator's work should be able to be reported under one or more of these four program initiatives.
  • Those with 4-H assignments will be invited to serve on one or more of the program teams to help keep the priorities and programs relevant to what the counties need most.
  • 4-H educators with split assignments may still work with their other program area to develop youth and adult programs that share a content area if that is what works best for them.

If you can't remember or can't find the documents that were sent out on the 31st, please let me know and I can resend them for your review. If you have specific comments or questions that have not been answered by either the email or this article, please feel free to contact me.


  Jim Rutledge

Interim State 4-H Program Leader & Assistant Director, OCES

New Staff

Kyle Robinson, Extension Educator, Agriculture/4-H Youth Development, Pottawatomie County, starting on 3-3-14. Kyle grew up in Pawnee County where he was a 4-H member in the horse project, and also an active FFA member with speech and sheep project activities. He was a 2013 OSU graduate with a degree in Animal Science with a business emphasis.

Emily Bardot, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Garfield County, starting 3-10-14. Emily was an active 4-H and FFA member in Missouri, but she has her formal education at NEO and OSU. She was on the livestock judging teams at both institutions. She graduated from OSU in December with a double major in Animal Science and Agriculture Education.

We are very excited to welcome both Emily and Kyle to the 4-H team and we look forward to seeing them at future 4-H events.


93rd State 4-H Roundup

Plans are underway for the 93rd State 4-H Roundup. It will be held on campus July 23-25, 2014 with an optional "County Night Out" on July 22. The 4-H State Council has chosen the theme "4-H Making Superstars." Materials are being posted to the State 4-H website as available and will be finalized by the first week in May. For planning purposes the deadline for registration materials to arrive in Ag Conferences will be June 20.

We are once again housing in Kerr Drummond and the Suites. There are a couple of changes with Residential Life this year:

  • Only 400 persons will be housed in the Suites. Assignment to the Suites will be made as complete county registration materials are submitted.
  • Reservations for County Night Out must be made with your Roundup Registration

The cost for Roundup remained stable this year - $111 for Kerr Drummond and $125 for the Suites. Watch for updates on the state 4-H website or contact Tracy Beck at 405-744-8891

Tracy Beck

Roundup Communication Event

It is not the fear of dying, nor is it the fear of heights or flying, and rule out the fear of creepy, crawling critters. It is the fear of public speaking, and gloss phobia is the technical label. For the many who have the affliction, there is intense anxiety at the mere thought of having to speak in front of any sized group. When the comedian Jerry Seinfeld heard about this fear, he quipped, "In other words, at a funeral, the average person would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy." 2011

I almost always hear 4-H members, volunteers and Extension educators list public speaking as one of the top three 4-H life skills taught and learned through our youth development efforts. The conviction is so much so that many districts have now begun District Communication Contests to provide increased opportunities to sharpen skills.

Over the past four years an average of 79/700 youth have taken advantage of the Communication Contest at Roundup. Attached is a summary of the categories and participation numbers.

The second attachment is a copy of the Communication Event Guidelines from the Roundup Notebook. Please note that there is a $50 cash award for first place in all categories. Even better are the cash awards for the Conservation categories. A total of $350 is awarded in each of the three categories: PowerPoint Presentation, Speech and Illustrated Presentation.

As youth participate in county or district events, encourage their continued participation at Roundup. Even if a 4-H'er has not competed at the county or district level they are eligible to compete at Roundup as long as the presentation has been conducted in front of a group prior to Roundup.

Karla Knoepfli

4-H Leisure Lab

4-H Leisure Lab is a workshop for Teen Leaders (13 and up) and Extension volunteers to learn skills necessary to make 4-H overnight and day camps fun, safe and meaningful. Participants will learn the roles and responsibilities of being counselors as well as flag ceremonies, campfire ceremonies, icebreakers and "get to know you" games that help make new and young campers feel at ease. They will also create crafts and enjoy everyone's favorite - silly songs.

This year we will be conducting Leisure Lab May 29th to 30th at Saints Grove Campgrounds, just 10 miles east of Stillwater. They have a great facility for this kind of event, and we are looking forward to another fantastic leisure experience.

Registration is available from your county Extension office and will be open until May 19th, unless we run out of vacancies ahead of time. There is no limit to the number of teens that may participate from your county, but there must be at least one certified volunteer or educator for every 10 teens.

If you have any questions please contact Kevin Allen or myself.

Steve Beck


Oklahoma 4-H Record Books & Scholarships

We have several changes to the state 4-H record book and scholarship programs this year. Please note the updates below and share them with your 4-H members and club leaders:

  • Dates for 2014: Awards applications are due in the state 4-H office by noon, April 28, 2014. Record book judging will occur on May 6, 2014. Interviews will be conducted on June 9, 2014.

  • New for 2014: All project scholarships have been increased to $1,200!

  • New for 2014: To reflect Oklahoma 4-H policy, we have increased the age limit for submitting state 4-H record books. Now, a 4-H member may continue to submit record books provided he/she has not reached the age of 19 before January 1 of the program year. The exception is for youth who reach or pass their 19th birthday by December 31 while still remaining in high school.

  • New for 2014: Almost all of the tools available on the state 4-H website have been updated. Please visit to see the changes.

Suzanne Simpson

 art"What do you See?" National 4-H Arts Exhibition

This is an exciting opportunity for talented 4-H members who write music, poetry and stories; draw; paint; sculpt; perform; make movies; take pictures; design landscape, etc.

The program goal is to expand the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and career exploration in the areas of communication and expressive arts through 4-H Youth Development efforts.

The exhibition encourages youth how to think, but not what to think. We want youth to look for ways to observe and interpret their surroundings and then to express their thoughts and/or emotions creatively through writing, music, art, photography, video or other forms of visual medium. Using your ACCESS 4-H data base, consider sending the attachment or information to youth enrolled in the Communication Arts, Expressive Arts and Filmmaking project areas.

The Ribbon Art Challenge was extremely popular, and we no longer have any supplies available.

Attached is a revised copy of the criteria and application. Entries due June 1, 2014.

Karla Knoepfli


Fabric and Fashion Curriculum Update

The subcommittee is diligently working on the materials to support changes made to the 2014 Fair Book. It is a very slow and methodical process creating the Skill Sheets for the three project areas of Apparel, Interior and Hobbies/Textiles, as well as project guide sheets for the new creative components.

Attached is a 2014 F&F Project Comparison Sheet to be distributed to any youth enrolled in the Fabric and Fashion project areas. Please be diligent in distributing the information - newsletter, email, etc. Families need to have adequate time to modify entries and/or determine where projects would be entered at the fair.

The committee will be flexible, but that does not mean items will be allowed in the incorrect categories.

The Skills Mastery Sheets are very comprehensive. We can't imagine any youth who will not be able to check off "2" items.

As materials are completed they will be posted at

Respectfully, F&F Curriculum Committee

Training and Staff Development

ACCESS 4-H Update

Two online sessions were recently taped. Each is a good basic review.

April 11, 2014 the following was posted by ACCESS 4-H. Please change your ACCESS password. Many may have noticed recent warnings directing people to change their password on many shopping and social media sites because of vulnerability in OpenSSL. Like many other websites ACCESS 4-H uses OpenSSL, and we want you to know that we have updated our system to eliminate this vulnerability.

Because of this you may see a warning about a new security certificate next time you log into ACCESS. If you see this warning, select the button to accept the new certificate. In addition we recommend that you change your ACCESS password after logging in. In general, it's a good practice to change passwords regularly for all sites, not just ACCESS.


Oklahoma ACCESS 4-H Volunteer Management

2014 Access 4-H Training - Group Management and Volunteer Management - has been conducted in all districts. If you were unable to attend the session, the instruction guides are posted on line at

During the session, the deadline of May 1 was provided for making sure all volunteer records are up to date, including certification history. Grab-n-Go 2014-204 (attached) has been completed to provide a summary of what each record should contain. All data in ACCESS should be documented with a hard copy in the volunteer's permanent file.

A report of youth and adult volunteer records was run at the state level on 4/15/2015. Counties will receive a copy of the report.

  • All duplicates files need to be reviewed, especially if the person has two or more DBID numbers.
  • All volunteers in the system should reflect Volunteer Interaction Type: "Direct Volunteer," meaning the person is certified. We are not tracking indirect or middle management at this time.
  • All certified volunteers should have a Volunteer Type. Select from the drop down menu. Not all certified volunteers will be club leaders. Please refer to definitions for volunteer type. Reminder: NO youth should be showing up as club leaders or on the adult list.
  • The list should not contain any active record which cannot be documented with an enrollment card.
  • There are a lot of records without email. Please check email addresses for accuracy and/or add email addresses.
  • All adults must be associated with a club. If they are not, their certification records cannot be updated.

Got questions? Please refer to instructions first, then give your DPS or K. Knoepfli a call.

Karla Knoepfli

4-H Volunteerism e-Conference

4H_Volunteerism_eConference_Logo_final.pngThe e-Conference highlighted cutting edge information in the area of volunteer development and working with new audiences.

For those unable to attend the sessions March 20 and 27th, you can watch the recordings online from the links listed below:

Session One: Overview of Volunteerism and Future Directions - The purpose of the VEAR pilots

Session Two: VEAR Corporate #1 Site Presentation

Session Three: Developing and Communicating Clearly Defined Roles for Volunteers

Session Four: VEAR Corporate Site #2

Session Five: Recruiting Strategies for Diverse Volunteers

Session Six: Special Interest Groups - Episodic

Session Seven: Teens as Teachers

Session Eight: Putting It All Together

Karla Knoepfli


State 4-H Parent-Volunteer Conference

The Oklahoma State Parent-Volunteer Conference will be held June 28th in Stillwater. In celebration of this 100th anniversary, the Oklahoma State 4-H Volunteer Board has planned a conference directed at growing your skills as a volunteer and educator. At the opening assembly our guest speaker, Cindy Conner, Garfield County native, will share how the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension has impacted four generations of her family, beginning in the 1920s, and how it continues to impact the family today.

Again this year, we are offering super seminars in the morning and afternoon. Participants will receive 2 hours of in-depth training in the areas of Performing Arts, Club Management, Service Learning, Lego Robotics and/or Horticulture. Participants may choose to participate in any combination of workshops - two super seminars; one super seminar and two workshops or four workshops.

Nineteen county volunteers will be recognized at the luncheon, and district and state awardees will be announced.

Other opportunities - conference t-shirt, centennial share fair, youth entrepreneurial showcase, great door prizes, live auction to benefit the volunteer scholarship

Early bird registration is $40 and due on or before May 30th. Registration received after May 30th is $50. The conference program and registration materials are available at

Karla Knoepfli


All due dates listed in this publication are the dates that county staff are to have items in the state 4-H office or other designated location. Each county will establish due dates prior to the dates posted here. These dates are set to accommodate things like screening of applications, processing payments, and adequate mailing time. All forms should be submitted through your county Extension office unless otherwise indicated. Forms that require an Extension Educator's signature may not be processed if mailed directly.